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Who We are

At Bottom Line Bankers, we are looking for a very specific kind of business to invest in. All we ask for is 3 months of business bank statements that show your business grosses at least $10,000 per month. You might be amazed at the simplicity of our business loan qualification process but rest assured, it works and we have helped hundreds of qualifying businesses like yours nation-wide get business loans even with bad credit.

We Partner With

Independent Sales Organizations, Small Business Funding Advisors, Financial Advisors, Accountants, Leasing Companies, Merchant Processing Companies, Insurance Companies and other organizations who offer products and services to small businesses. We offer small business owners access to working capital loans through Bottom Line Bankers. Partners can simply refer business owners to Bottom Line Bankers, or can manage the entire application and funding process themselves.

Why Partner With Us

At Bottom Line Bankers, we work with a range of partners with all different types of companies both large and small.


  • Alternative Loan Solutions
  • Funding options with less then perfect credit/qualifications
  • Access to working capital in less then 48 hours
  • Funding options without tax returns or financials


  • Turn your customers conventional loan declination into an alternative loan approval
  • Build your Customers business and personal credit while strategizing for future business needs
  • Expand your business reach with increased market share
  • Gain exposure to highly qualified applicants

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